Everything You Need To Know About Deep Learning And Cybersecurity

About the Hosts

Ali Ahmadzadeh
Head of AI

Arri Ciptadi

Principal Machine Learning Scientist & Engineer


Ali Ahmadzadeh is the head of AI and Data Science at Blue Hexagon where he leads the effort on developing state of the art cybersecurity threat detection using advanced deep learning technologies. 

Arri was the 1st machine learning hire. He is the technical lead for all machine learning efforts in the company.  

What is deep learning? How is it different from traditional machine learning? Why are advances possible today, and what security use cases are ideal for deep learning? Blue Hexagon Head of AI Ali Ahmazadeh and Principal Machine Scientist Arri Ciptadi address these questions and more in this tech talk. They discuss deep learning and the considerations for cybersecurity.

Attendees will learn the following: 

·   What is deep learning versus machine learning and AI

·   How does deep learning find functions?  

·   Why is deep learning ideal for cybersecurity applications?

·   Where to apply deep learning?

·   Model training and evaluation

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