Next-Gen NDR for GCP

Powered by Real Time Deep Learning

Migrating traditional tools that were designed for on-prem networks doesn’t scale and creates more complexity in the cloud.

Signature-based threat detection is limited to known threats only leaving you exposed to zero-days and malware variants e.g. 200 Emotet variants per day last year. And, sandbox malware analysis takes far too long and requires sending files out of your VPC which may not be always feasible. Lastly, anomaly detection which works based on breach activity analysis requires baselining – a difficult option in an agile cloud environment. 

Blue Hexagon Network Detection and Response for GCP Cloud Security addresses these challenges with its next-generation artificial intelligence solution to analyze over 100,000 traits within payloads, protocols, or headers to conclusively identify the malware and threats in question. 

Download this brief to learn more about:

  • Sub-second Detection of known and unknown threats, with header and payload analysis for pinpoint threat detection
  • Security As Code with seamless deployment without agents – via integration with Google Cloud VPC Packet Mirroring
  • Zero Baselining with pre-trained Deep Learning models, requires no human triage, and has no “learning delays”
  • Orchestrate & Prevent – enable notification and invoke GCP controls to quarantine or terminate the affected workloads

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