Secure Azure Workloads

Secure My Azure Workloads

Your cloud threat solution should be able to keep pace with cloud agility without compromising the speed and accuracy of malware detection.

Extend threat detection to the cloud

The current security strategy for cloud has been trying to retrofit existing threat security solutions for the cloud, but this brings a number of limitations:

There is no single choke point in the cloud – it becomes a challenge to enforce security control in most architectures. Blue Hexagon can solve this by inspecting traffic sent to it from many parts of your virtual network.

Virtual versions of network traffic analytic solutions that identify anomalies have challenges in baselining what is normal due to the dynamic and short-lived nature of cloud workloads.

Blue Hexagon Real Time Deep Learning solution in conjunction with native Azure firewall can form a powerful protection layer against advanced malware, threats, and their manifestations.

Blue Hexagon for Azure inspects traffic within the Azure workloads collected by various means like IXIA CloudLens, Gigamon GigaVUE® or Azure VTAP. The continuous stream of traffic from these sources is inspected by Blue Hexagon in real time and verdicts are provided at sub-second speed.

The Blue Hexagon unique deep learning approach is ideally suited to inspect this traffic because of the speed and accuracy of threat detection that keeps up with the speed of cloud.

Features & Benefits

  • The same consistent high-efficacy threat detection solution across multiple cloud instances allows you to view and manage threats on the same dashboard.
  • Speed of detection that keeps pace with the ephemeral quality of cloud workloads. We rapidly uncover malicious threats moments after they appear within a workload without requiring any baselining or a priori knowledge of the traffic.
  • Orchestrated prevention via Event Grid which can be picked up by a Virtual Function. These functions can be configured to shut down or quarantine the impacted workload or install a block rule on the Azure firewall.
  • Seamless deployment where Blue Hexagon for Azure can be easily deployed in new and existing networks without any changes or IP re-configuration. 
  • Autoscaling by deploying with a Network Load Balancer to meet any cloud-scale needs. 
  • Explainability feature delivers human-understandable explanations via MITRE ATT&CK™ TTPs. These are delivered in real-time as the threat manifests in the workload.

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