Secure AWS Workloads

Secure My AWS Workloads

Your cloud threat solution should be able to keep pace with cloud agility without compromising the speed and accuracy of malware detection.

Extend threat detection to the cloud

The current security strategy for cloud has been trying to retrofit existing security solutions for the cloud, but this brings a number of limitations: 

Virtual versions of signature-based threat detection cannot keep up with threat variants. Additionally, it is almost impossible to run malware sandboxes in AWS because most popular offerings are cloud hosted themselves. 

Agent-based threat detection, where agents for threat detection solutions are installed on virtual machines, can be prohibitively expensive, deliver sub-optimal results, and aren’t ideally for serverless architectures. 

Virtual versions of network traffic analytic solutions that identify anomalies have challenges in baselining what is normal due to the dynamic and short-lived nature of cloud workloads. 

Blue Hexagon NG-NDR gives you real-time visibility & protection for AWS cloud. Both headers and payloads (files) are analyzed in context, and attacker intent can be rapidly triangulated and specific threats are identified & named. This approach is far superior to pure anomaly detection helping security analysts and incident responders with accurate detection and analysis for faster response.

Our platform integrates with the Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring so a copy of any VPC traffic can be inspected by our deep learning models. Additionally, the solution can be deployed with ingress routing without requiring agents or re-architecture.

We deliver a range of benefits for customers looking to protect their AWS instances, such as:

  • Fast Detection that keeps pace with the ephemeral quality of cloud workloads. We rapidly uncover malicious threats moments after they appear within a workload, without requiring any baselining or prior knowledge of the traffic.
  • Integration with Security Hub enables rapid transmission of prioritized alerts for further processing in a centralized dashboard. This provides near real-time visibility into current security and compliance status
  • Orchestrated Prevention via AWS SNS and Lambda to shutdown and quarantine any infected workload using the agility of AWS services.
  • Security As Code for seamless embedding and activation on compute, network and storage as part of DevOps automation, in new and existing networks without any changes or IP re-configuration. 
  • Autoscaling by deploying with a Network Load Balancer to meet any cloud-scale needs. 
  • Enterprise-wide Threat Management solution in the cloud, on-premises or O365 email that allows you to analyze and manage threats on one dashboard.

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