Retailers are prime targets

Retailers are prime targets for a cyber-attack. In nearly every cyber-security report in the past few years, retail is the top attacked vertical. We help retailers address compliance regulations and protect confidential customer data.

Secure customer data from top threats

Massive retail data breaches in recent years such as Target and Home Depot have helped your industry develop learnings for stronger, more comprehensive cybersecurity strategies.

Yet, retailers continue to top the list for cyberattacks. This is no surprise — retailers store and have access to critical customer and credit card information that are extremely attractive to attackers. Retailers also work on multi-channel partner and customer acquisition strategies to enhance the customer experience, and this approach opens up many opportunities for attacks.

In fact, today’s attackers are innovating using AI and automation, and launching cyber threats at a volume and velocity that evades existing security solutions.

Our deep learning platform gives you an advantage. By identifying threats in less than a second, you can keep up against the fastest attack, stop them and prevent data exfiltration of critical customer data and credit card information.

Our platform delivers:

  • The highest efficacy with threat verdicts compared to traditional machine learning or legacy security solutions such as signature and sandboxes threat detection solutions. Our deep learning model optimization can support retail multi-gigabit traffic requirements
  • Proven results with the speed of threat detection in real-world environments. In fact, threat inference in less than a second sets a new standard for threat detection today.
  • Unique pricing strategy for retailers with hundreds and thousands of locations. Annual threat subscription is based on bandwidth of traffic inspected.
  • The backing of Blue Hexagon Labs on strategic initiatives such as staying ahead of threats via our daily Global Threat Cloud

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