Lock down my perimeter

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Your first line of defense in threat prevention isn’t effective any longer. Signature and sandbox-based detection cannot keep up with the speed that malware variants are detected. The way forward has to be an AI-powered solution.

Lock down my perimeter

In the first half of 2019, there were 33,000 versions of the Emotet malware. Contrast this number with 28,000 Emotet variants in all of 2018. This is the scale and volume of malware that are facing industries today.

When malicious, morphing malware is unleashed at that scale, traditional defenses are overwhelmed.

IDS and IPS signature-based defenses work only for known threats, and cannot identify variants of threats.

Malware sandboxes are the industry’s go-to solution for unknown threats, but suffer from significant limitations. While malware sandbox vendors may tout threat verdict updates in 15 minutes, the reality is that the analysis of malware in a sandbox can take days to hours. There may be issues with detonating files depending on the file sizes and types. In addition, malware evasion techniques are widely used by threat actors to circumvent detection.

Our platform delivers:

  • Tremendous savings in breach prevention by detecting malware and its manifestations such as command and control communications in less than one second. This enables organizations to quickly orchestrate a prevention strategy across all security products to stop an attack in its tracks before further propagation in the organization. This translates to tremendous savings with incident response, remediation, and cyber insurance policies, in addition to eliminating impact to brand and reputation.
  • Cost savings and efficiencies with the ability to inspect hundreds of files and C2 in one second at 10G network throughput. Security teams need to only manage one high-value platform for detection of known and unknown malware and its manifestations.
  • High efficacy threat verdicts and low false positives ensure that precious cybersecurity resources will not need to be dedicated towards debugging, tuning or triage.

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