Healthcare attacks are expensive

The average healthcare data breach costs are 2.5 more than the average organization. Our speed and efficacy of detecting malware such as ransomware can make a significant difference in protecting business operations.

Ensure your customer and healthcare data is secure

In the past 5 years, cyber attacks against healthcare organizations have increased. The reason for this trend is that attackers have figured out that healthcare data is extremely valuable, increasing in value, and very difficult for victims to generate new ones.

In fact, Ponemon Institute calculated the average healthcare data breach costs to be $380 per record. In contrast, the average global cost per record for all industries is $141. This means that data breach costs are more than 2.5 times the global average. Additionally, it took more than six months on average to detect an incident, with an average of 55 days or almost two months to contain it.

Our deep learning platform can help. Extremely easy to deploy and requiring no local tuning or baselining, our platforms works out-of-the-box on day one for security teams.

Our platform delivers:

  • Easy deployment via network TAP or SPAN. Our platform works out of the box on day one, without incurring learning delays or requiring any human triage
  • Real-time threat detection against known and unknown threats including top attacks such as ransomware. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware makes up 85% of malware discovered in healthcare organizations. Our deep learning platform has been proven very effective in detecting polymorphic malware and zero day malware variants that target healthcare organizations.
  • Complete threat visibility–threat families, top threat trends, indicators of compromise, complete kill chain context–are provided to ensure that healthcare security teams have key threat insights available to them for threat intelligence and proactive operations.

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