Financial Services

Financial services are a popular target

Financial services organizations are highly targeted by attackers and are 300 times more likely to fall victim to cyberattacks. We help secure financial organizations against the world’s most malicious malware — known malware, malware variants and zero days.

Protect your critical financial data

A recent survey carried out by ESET found that Americans are most worried about a cyberattack disrupting the financial/banking system, more than attacks against hospital/emergency services, voting systems, or power grid/energy supply companies.

In fact, financial services firms fall victim to cybersecurity attacks 300 times more frequently than businesses in other industries. While the typical American business is attacked 4 million times per year, the typical American financial services firm is attacked a staggering 1 billion times per year. Among financial services firms, banks lost $16.8 billion to cybercriminals in 2017.

The good news is unique security technologies such as our real-time deep learning platform can help you keep pace with attackers. Before you invest in other parts of your network, fix your perimeter security. Signature and sandbox-based detection are simply not effective for today’s threat landscape.

Using a deep learning based platform enables your security teams to stop Patient Zero and further propagation in the network. More importantly, our platform works with your existing security products today to ensure you can optimize the products that you’ve already invested in.

Our platform delivers:

  • Threat detection and prevention in less than one second which translates to tremendous cost savings from a potential breach as well as operational efficiencies getting ahead of remediation and response.
  • One high-value platform for detection of known and unknown network threats. This means not only cost savings with product consolidation but less complexity with debugging.
  • High efficacy verdicts and low false positives ensure that precious cybersecurity resources will not need to be dedicated towards debugging, tuning or triage.
  • Orchestrated prevention with existing endpoint, firewall and network security devices ensure investment in existing security products are preserved.

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