Cloud Workload Threat Detection (CWPP)

Go beyond hash checks and heuristics—find attacks before they manifest

Go beyond simple package manager checks that identify CVEs to actually inspect every single file in your workloads for malware and lateral movement risk including in serverless packages. Each file is processed by a deep learning neural network to identify unknown and zero-day malware.

Workload threat detection is required to find supply chain backdoors hidden in your workloads and reduce lateral movement risks in your IaaS and PaaS (Serverless) workloads.

Unmatched Performance

10 Min

Deploy Faster

1 Min

No Learning Delay

1 Sec

Sub-second Detection

“Blue Hexagon provided the most comprehensive cloud platform coverage and highest threat detection efficacy for protecting our AWS deployment.”

—Nemi George, CISO, Pacific Dental Services

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Within literally a few minutes you can install Blue Hexagon and be ready detect cloud threats in runtime, continuously. And, instantly protect your cloud workloads, network and storage.

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Workload and Supply Chain Malware Detection

Detect cryptominers, supply chain backdoors and second stage malware payloads.

Lateral Movement Detection

Reduce lateral movement risk and contain the threat before significant damage

Serverless Security

Get alerts on secrets detected inside serverless code as well as unusually elevated permissions