Cloud Visibility

Get complete cloud visibility into asset inventory, users, entities, resources, network and control plane transactions

64% of CISOs say they lack visibility into their cloud environments.
Blue Hexagon provides complete visibility and query capabilities into every aspect of the cloud

Keep tabs on dynamic assets in the ephemeral cloud

Cloud is ephemeral in nature and assets change dynamically every day, hour and sometimes in minutes.

You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Understand who and what is communicating in the cloud

Know how your assets are being accessed and what transactions are happening.

You need to know every flow, every transaction, every connection.

Correlate security alerts with cloud activity

A security breach occurs within seconds and data loss happens within seconds.

Quickly resolve cloud activities associated with alerts and remediate fast.

Try Blue Hexagon in your CSP

Within literally a few minutes you can install Blue Hexagon and be ready detect cloud threats in runtime, continuously. And, protect your cloud workloads, network and storage.

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Narvar Secures Global eCommerce

Being cloud-native is more than just implementing additional SaaS applications or “lifting and shifting” old applications (and the data they access and use) from the data center to a cloud provider infrastructure.

Traditional security tools cannot handle a cloud-native infrastructure’s velocity, scale, and dynamic networking capabilities.