Integration and Response

The speed and accuracy of the BlueHexagon platform opens the door to fast, automated cloud-native responses that can stop threats and prevent damage.

Unmatched Performance

10 Min
Cloud-Native Deployment
1 Min
Out-of-box Integrations
1 Sec
Alerts and Response

Blue Hexagon integrates components and services directly within the cloud environment for automated, end-to-end orchestration within the cloud. As an example, when Blue Hexagon detects a threat in AWS, it can generate a notification into AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS). The many-to-many capabilities of SNS allow Blue Hexagon verdicts to be used in a virtually unlimited number of ways. Another place to receive Blue Hexagon findings is AWS Security Hub and AWS Network Firewall.

“Leveraging VPC Traffic Mirroring at the AWS infrastructure layer, Blue Hexagon scans all network traffic, both North-South and East-West, and analyzes protocols, headers, and payloads…”

– Nemi George, CISO of Pacific Dental Services

Cloud-Native Automation

Integration with cloud-native controls and services

Endpoint Security Augmentation

Integration with endpoint security for pre-emptive protection

Cloud-Native Event Management

Integration with cloud-native SIEMs and other platforms

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Within literally a few minutes you can install Blue Hexagon and be ready detect cloud threats in runtime, continuously. And, instantly protect your cloud workloads, network and storage.

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