Cloud Network Threat Detection

Agentless approach to detecting actual threats and mitigating risks

Detecting several types of cloud attacks from supply chain infection, cyptominers, APTs with command and control to unauthorized activity from malicious entities

Blue Hexagon network threat detection algorithms operate on cloud flow logs but can also take advantage of the new CSP-native capabilities like AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring and GCP Packet Mirroring

Unmatched Performance

10 Min

Deploy in Cloud Network

1 Min

Works Out-of-the-Box

1 Sec

Detect and Respond

“With the real-time view and threat explanation from Blue Hexagon, my IT Security team has been able to respond and remediate effectively in a timely fashion, giving us the confidence to configure Blue Hexagon to respond autonomously in the future”

—Binay Gupta, Vice President of Business Systems at Prime Communications

Try Blue Hexagon in your CSP

Within literally a few minutes you can install Blue Hexagon and be ready detect cloud threats in runtime, continuously. And, instantly protect your cloud workloads, network and storage.

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Detect attacker trying to infiltrate or move laterally

Unauthorized Activity Detection

Detect signs of infection of supply chain attacks

Command/Control and Beaconing Detection

Find attackers using encrypted traffic

Encrypted Traffic Analysis.