Cloud Misconfiguration (CSPM)

Identify several hundred different types of misconfigurations, and also highlight critical ones based on the context around the attack surface exposed by that specific misconfiguration

Cloud misconfiguration are called out by 67% of CISOs as one of their top cloud security threats. Due to the ease of spinning up new resources and the software-defined nature of the cloud, misconfigurations of networks, instances, identities and storage are highly prevalent.

“Securing the cloud infrastructure is paramount for business continuity, and we realized we needed to deploy a security solution that can scale with our operations without creating any disruptions or delays…”

– Ram Ravichandran, CTO Narvar

Harden your Cloud

Several hundred types of misconfigurations detected

Assess all Cloud resource types

Multi-cloud, Multi-account, Multi-region assessment

Remediate prioritized alerts

Step-by-step guided remediation

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