Agentless Cloud Deployment

Deploys agentless by connecting via cloud-native APIs and managed via a SaaS portal

Blue Hexagon deploys in minutes via IaC constructs like CFTs and Terraform. Customize to specific accounts, networks, buckets or regions by simply choosing parameters in the IaC code. Maintained by enabling automated guardrails so security keeps up with infrastructure changes automatically.

Unmatched Performance

10 Min

Deploy Cloud-Native

1 Min

Start Inspecting

1 Sec

Detect Fast

“Just as importantly, we would not have to replace any of our existing security tools. We could deploy Blue Hexagon independently from the rest of our security system and integrate it with our security information and event management (SIEM) software on an as-needed basis”

–Director of Security, a Blue Hexagon Customer

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Within literally a few minutes you can install Blue Hexagon and be ready detect cloud threats in runtime, continuously. And, instantly protect your cloud workloads, network and storage.

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No impact on existing workloads

Agentless with minimal performance or cost impact

Deploy in minutes, Identify in seconds

IaC based deployment and maintenance with Deep Learning that works out of the box

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Every account, Every region, Every cloud
No agents to deploy, ever!