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Need actionable visibility, real-time threat defense and continuous compliance?
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Deep learning is a powerful new technology to detect threats in the cloud, including zero-day and unknown threats. In fact, by applying deep learning to the complete inspection of headers and payloads, Blue Hexagon can intelligently identify cloud misconfigurations and defend cloud assets, at runtime, without the burden of deploying and managing agents. When applied to network traffic, it can intelligently make decisions on whether traffic is malicious, and enable response in quasi-real-time. There are a variety of visibility, compliance and threat defense use cases, and numerous industry challenges in the cloud that Blue Hexagon Real-Time Deep Learning can uniquely address.

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Address your cloud security challenges

Modern threats and adversaries have evolved. You need the most advanced AI Deep Learning security technology to keep pace with the speed that threat actors are launching attacks on your cloud.

Lock down
my perimeter

Stop malware and threats, known and unknown, that are bypassing existing perimeter defenses like IDS and sandboxes

Stop malicious

Protect against malicious C2 communications — encrypted and in the clear– beaconing out to attackers’ servers

Secure my
AWS workloads

Threat protection for any VPC traffic. Detect in less than a second and shut down infected workloads.

Secure my
Azure workloads

Threat protection for any VM traffic. Detect in less than a second and shut down infected workloads.

By Industry:
Stay secure against industry-specific attacks

The average cost of a data breach to a US organization is $8.19M. We help organizations
across multiple industries protect their network and stay compliant
with their regulations.

Financial Services

We help secure financial organizations against the world’s most malicious malware and threats including variants and zero days.


Our speed and efficacy of detecting malware such as ransomware can make a difference in protecting healthcare operations.


Retail is a top-attacked sector. We stop malware in less than a second to protect confidential customer data and address regulations.

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