Agentless AWS Security

Real Time Threat Defense

The Power of Deep Learning

Blue Hexagon has built the industry’s FIRST cloud-native deep learning platform for threat detection and response, including both payload and header analysis. The Blue Hexagon platform features an advanced neural network architecture for real-time detection of known and unknown threats, including zero-day threats, active adversaries and infections.

Known and Unknown Malware

Detect known and unknown variants of malware including zero-days at a >99% detection rate across a wide variety of payload types (ELF, PE, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, DMG, ZIP etc.) targeting a variety of OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android) and CVEs.

Threat Actors and Activities

Detect advanced tactics like network service mapping, data exfiltration over regular or alternate channels, resource access and abuse.

Malicious IP, Domains and URLs

Deep Threat Intelligence learns about new malicious hosting and C2 destinations early due to detecting new zero-day payloads early. These IOCs are then checked in every single network transaction occurring across 30+ protocols like DNS, HTTP, SSL, SMTP, SSH etc.

Known and unknown malicious SSL

Detect suspicious patterns that can be observed in the SSL/ TLS communications without decryption. The models are trained on thousands of observations and characteristics that are used to separate a malicious encrypted tunnel from benign communications channels.

Real-time Explainable AI

Proprietary neural network architecture that predicts threat category and family, and delivers human-understandable explanations via MITRE ATT&CK™ TTPs – all in real-time at scale.

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