Agentless AWS Security

Continuous Compliance

The Power of Runtime Agentless AI

Blue Hexagon helps you maintain compliance of your cloud configuration through its continuous security posture audit feature, evaluating over 200 specific checks that map to industry-standard benchmarks. However, fixing misconfigurations to meet benchmark standards is only the first step in achieving and maintaining a good security posture. Blue Hexagon’s Deep Learning AI engine continuously observes your cloud configuration and workloads at runtime in order to detect weaknesses and gaps that can only be identified at runtime — the use of vulnerable TLS versions or weak cipher suites for “secure” communications, misconfigured DNS servers, etc. Blue Hexagon detects and alerts on these along with specific recommendations for fixing the issues.

Meet and Maintain Compliance

Blue Hexagon also helps you achieve compliance if your industry or customers require you to have a network intrusion detection system or network malware defense system in your cloud environment.

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