Speaker Session and Online Demo: “SANS DFIR 2020 Solution Track”

Blue Hexagon and Microsoft

Accelerate Your Threat Hunting and Incident Response
Blue Hexagon’s Next-Gen NDR & Defender ATP

As pernicious threat actors leverage automation to breach defenses and act on objectives, the window of time to detect and respond has shrunk dramatically.

Can artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, which has revolutionized areas like self-driving cars, computer vision, and medical image diagnosis be used to solve cybersecurity challenges?

How can NDR and EDR work together to accelerate threat hunting, triage, and IR?

Blue Hexagon & Microsoft dive into one of the first applications of real-time AI for solving variable threats including 0-hour and 0-day threats with Network Detection and Response.

Watch this recorded session from SANS DFIR 2020 and learn how to optimally utilize NDR with Blue Hexagon and EDR with Microsoft Defender ATP together for defense in depth. Online Demo is included.
( total viewing time 35 minutes )