NYC 2020 CyberSummit – Future of Cybersecurity

Nayeem Islam, Blue Hexagon CEO presents at New York 2020 Cyber Security Summit

Nayeem Islam, CEO and Co-founder, Blue Hexagon

The rate of change information technology and security experienced over the past few months has been unprecedented. What’s even more challenging, cybersecurity is itself in a state of transformation as CISOs grapple with new paradigms like cloud security while trying to build a next-generation architecture in the wake of threats that have proven they can evolve faster than traditional controls like signatures, intelligence feeds, and sandboxes.

As pernicious threat actors deploy ‘enemy-AI’ to breach defenses and act on their objectives, the window of time to detect and respond has shrunk dramatically. Can artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, which has revolutionized areas like self-driving cars, computer vision and medical image diagnosis be used to solve these cybersecurity challenges? Deep learning is the security weapon of the future as attackers evolve their techniques using sophisticated malicious, morphing malware, ransomware variants created at unprecedented volume and velocity.

In this online session with Nayeem Islam, CEO and Founder of Blue Hexagon you will learn:

  • How deep learning has evolved
  • Why advances in deep learning are possible today
  • Why deep learning is ideal to address the new threat landscape of automated attacks
  • Recent real-life examples of evasive threats and ransomware that traditional security controls missed

(total viewing time 23 minutes)