Network Threat Protection Evaluation by PCSL

PCSL IT Institute developed the first testing framework that focuses exclusively on AI-based technologies. In this framework, Blue Hexagon deep learning-powered network threat protection platform was tested against the following metrics using more than 2,000,000 samples — benign and malicious:  

  • Threat detection efficacy: detection rates across a wide range of threat categories, and threat samples in various file types and sizes ensures detection encompasses the varied sophistication of threats launched by attackers today. 
  • False positive rate: accuracy of threat detection is critical as false positives can have a significant impact on security operations and manpower, and distract companies from dealing with legitimate security alerts 
  • Threat detection speed: network threat detection speed including network processing and AI inference times is important to ensure that products can keep up with the speed of compromise challenging the industry today

Blue Hexagon results showed 100% threat detection efficacy with 0% false positive rate, with an average threat detection time of 125 ms. This was at 10G network throughput. 

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