Miercom Certified: Blue Hexagon Security Performance Assessment

Blue Hexagon threat detection and response platform uses real-time deep learning models for automatically analyzing millions of traits. Unlike other products, which use post-event analysis, Blue Hexagon’s deep learning-based approach identifies the root cause of known and unknown malware such as Trojans, droppers and ransomware.

Read the Miercom test report for further details on the following findings:

  • Blue Hexagon detected the most lethal zero-day malware, ransomware, worms, botnets and evasive malicious threats on the Internet today – with 99.3 percent detection efficacy
  • Blue Hexagon is the only vendor proven in testing to show a False Positive Rate (FPR) of 0 percent; none of the (non-malicious) white or grey files were falsely flagged while effectively simultaneously detecting malicious content
  • Blue Hexagon’s dashboard shows a granular view of logged threats in an intuitive interface that helps security teams take immediate action

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