CISO Guide – Deep Learning in Cybersecurity

Much of the progress we’ve seen in artificial intelligence in the past five years is due to deep learning. Advances in software algorithm models, processing power, and dramatically lower costs have put deep learning within reach of more companies, opening the door for broader innovation in products and services, and also supporting the execution of complex business processes.

However, the term artificial intelligence is often used interchangeably with machine learning and deep learning. That can be confusing if you are not aware of the distinctions; this blog clarifies these terms.

  • Artificial Intelligence – the broad concept of using non-biological intelligence to process data, interpret it and derive learnings to inform decision making. Machine learning and deep learning are a subset of AI.
  • Machine Learning – the study of how to build mathematical models from data to help inform decision making.
  • Deep Learning – a family of methods within machine learning that uses available data to learn a hierarchy of representations useful for certain tasks.