Blue Hexagon and AWS

Cloud Threat Detection and Response-as-Code for AWS
at SANS Adversary Detection Solutions Forum

Saumitra Das, CTO Founder, Blue Hexagon, @bluehexagonai
James Wenzel, Sr. Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS), @awscloud

Cloud security significantly benefits from the availability of cloud-native tools that deploy as code reducing the burden of deployment and maintaining security posture while developers and users bring instances, networks and workloads up and down.

In this online session, AWS and Blue Hexagon discuss how to use cloud-native tools that deploy and maintain security posture automatically to ensure security and compliance in minutes. We reviewed how to best combine native AWS tools like Inspector, Config, Guard Duty and Trusted Advisor to ensure best practices and hygiene and how to augment them with Blue Hexagon – an AI-based system that extends security further with deep packet and storage inspection. We present how this security architecture can be deployed and maintained automatically as the underlying network, storage and compute dynamically evolves.

View this recorded session to learn how to:

  • Assess security exposure for your cloud instances, storage, serverless, virtual networks, Kubernetes and services
  • Deploy security within minutes – hygiene, vulnerabilities, network security, malware, logs and deep inspection
  • Use traffic mirroring to get instant deep visibility about your cloud traffic and assets
  • Optimize security spend by dynamically altering the inspection

(total viewing time 37 minutes)