Agentless Cloud-Native Security

Multi-vector Defense powered by Deep Learning

Cloud Security Challenge
VPC Compromise and Abuse by Zero-Day Malware and Adversaries

Cloud threats extend across a wide range including misconfiguration, exfiltration, unauthorized data access, evasion, denial of service, privilege escalation and identity spoofing, account hijacking and abuse, insider threat, and data breach activities. However, current solutions are not architected for modern cloud and have several limitations:

  • Agent-based detection and monitoring can be expensive, unscalable, and delivers sub-optimal results
  • Signature-based detection on virtual NGFW and IDS works only for known threats
  • Sandbox analysis takes too long and sending files outside the VPC to vendor “sandbox cloud” may not be feasible/acceptable
  • Network traffic anomaly detection tools are not capable of detecting actual malware

Read this AWS and Blue Hexagon joint solution brief to learn how to:

  • Deploy Smart – With AI that works right out of the box, with no need for agents, signatures, or sandbox
  • Detect Fast – With AI that can analyze millions of traits and identify near 100% of threats and provide actionable visibility – all in less than a second
  • Defend More – Don’t let any threat get through – Including zero-days, lateral movements, C2, and exfiltrations

See how you can take advantage of the AWS native controls and services with Blue Hexagon’s AI-powered Agentless Cloud Security.

Download Solution the Brief