Speaker Session at Ransomware Summit

Stopping Ransomware – a deep learning approach

Blue Hexagon and a Financial Services Security Architect

Balaji Prasad, VP of Products, Blue Hexagon
Rajeev Lalla, Security Architect at a financial services conglomerate

In this online session you will learn about Ransomware, the single largest threat archetype impacting a new organization every 11 seconds, and what security leaders can do to avoid falling victim to this cybercrime.

What you’ll learn from this online session:

  • Key ransomware concepts and trends observed by deep learning AI
  • Why endpoint security (EPP/EDR) is not enough and the need for network detection and response
  • Why data backup is necessary but not sufficient What are the stages where one can disrupt the ransomware kill chain
  • New network tools to cut through the mutating and zero-day ransomware threats

(total viewing time 30 minutes)