Blue Hexagon for Network

Adversaries are getting past perimeter defenses

While the threat landscape has evolved in the last 10 years, network perimeter threat protection has not. We continue to rely on signature-based threat detection and sandboxes, expecting them to keep up. As a result, our security teams have had to compensate with internal network anomaly detection. Threat analysts now spend too much time detecting an attack in progress, or responding to one that has already occurred. It’s time to fix network security.


Unleash our real-time deep learning platform in network tap behind your existing firewalls or switches, and immediately experience the benefits of our features.

Unmatched Threat Efficacy

Security teams can now rely on just one platform to detect both known and known threats. Our platform delivers on average 99.8% detection rates for famous malware families. This includes common attacks like trojans, droppers and ransomware to new ones like fileless attacks. Our platform has also successfully detected new zero day variants such as Anatova and Trickbot.

Industry’s Fastest Threat Detection

Speed matters. Our platform delivers threat detection in less than a second. As a result, we’re able to stop the very first victim in the organization from being compromised and stop lateral movement.

Real-time Classification And Insights

Every threat detected is automatically classified by the Blue Hexagon neural networks in real-time. Threat family information and indicators of compromise are provided for deeper analysis by analysts.

Deployment-ready out of the box

Our solution simply works out of the box. Our deep learning models are optimized and pre-trained in our cloud. This means that as soon as they are deployed on premises, they are ready to get to work to secure your network. Our solution does not require any local tuning or learning.

Comprehensive kill chain visibility

Most attacks begin with email and moves laterally into the network. When a threat is detected, we deliver complete categorization of the threat, where it fits into the kill chain, along with the indicators of compromise. Our kill chain visualizer enables security operations teams to dive deeper into threats found for additional threat intelligence analysis and threat hunting.

Integrated reporting

Our platform comes complete with integrated reporting for auditing or reporting to CXOs and security boards. The threat dashboard can be customized to drill into specific timeframes. Additionally, every section of the dashboard has a reporting component, enabling the specific trend or details to be saved into a PDF file, and emailed to relevant parties.

Orchestrated prevention to existing security ecosystem

Your existing security solutions will benefit from our real-time deep learning platform. Because we detect malware in less than a second, we can enable prevention to your existing security products — network devices, endpoints and firewalls.

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