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How It Works

We’ve designed our Real-time Deep Learning Platform to deliver speed of detection, efficacy and coverage that sets a new standard for cyber defense.

  • Training – We train our neural networks with global threat data that we’ve curated carefully via threat repositories, dark web, our deployments and from partners. Just like layers of neural networks can recognize your image in photos, our proprietary architecture of neural networks can identify threats in both payloads and headers.
  • Validation – Every day, Blue Hexagon Labs validates the accuracy of our models with new threats in the wild. Our neural networks can identify a wide range of threats — file and fileless malware, exploits, C2 communications, malicious domains across Windows, Android, Linux platforms. The good news? Deep learning models don’t need to be updated daily or weekly like IPS signatures, bringing operational efficiencies.
  • Detect and orchestrate – Our objective is to stop an attack as quickly as possible. Because our advantage is speed and efficacy of threat detection, we orchestrate prevention to all existing security products to stop the propagation as quickly as possible.

Why deep learning for cybersecurity?

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that uses multi-layered artificial neural networks to learn data representation. Deep learning algorithms can build more effective models from large amounts of data compared to traditional machine learning algorithms.

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Our threat detection platform can be flexibly deployed in the cloud or on-premises

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