Blue Hexagon Earns Perfect Score in Network Threat Protection Test by PCSL

Blue Hexagon achieves 100% detection efficacy, 0% false positive rate, 125 millisecond average detection time when tested against more than 2 million malicious and benign samples in independent testing by PCSL IT Consulting Institute

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Blue Hexagon, a deep learning innovator in cyberthreat protection, has earned a perfect score in independent testing conducted by PCSL IT Consulting Institute, a leading international service provider in the field of security and anti-virus testing. The Blue Hexagon deep learning-powered network threat protection platform was tested against one of the largest corpus of malware across a wide variety of threat families, (including a comprehensive volume of zero-days from global threat campaigns), and a large set of benign files and applications.

PCSL is known for comprehensive threat testing and samples, and has earned worldwide recognition in the security industry. Both PCSL and Blue Hexagon are members of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, an international, non-profit association that addresses the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality, and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies.

PCSL defined an AI testing framework to evaluate Blue Hexagon against three key network threat detection metrics:

The testing framework was specifically designed to incorporate threats in executables, MS Office documents, and PDFs across a wide variety of threat categories, including financial malware, cryptominers, ransomware, trojans/spyware, and more. The test also included a large volume of benign consumer applications, enterprise applications, OEM files and more, to test Blue Hexagon’s false positive rates.

“We believe we’ve developed a very robust AI testing framework that validates security vendors against metrics that are critical to CISOs. Our core methodology measures threat detection efficacy, false positives and threat detection speed. Blue Hexagon has taken an extremely ambitious approach to tackling network threats using deep learning. They have demonstrated a perfect score of efficacy–while having zero false positive alerts—against our comprehensive testing framework, supporting their claim as one of the most accurate network threat protection products in the industry today. Their AI-based platform showcases the speed of detection possible from non-signature and non-sandbox-based detection,” said Jeffrey Wu, CEO, PCSL IT Consulting Institute.

Blue Hexagon’s perfect score in the independent test—100% detection efficacy, 0% false positive rate, and 125 millisecond average detection time—is consistent with the company’s results in its own lab tests, as well as customer environments, where the network threat protection platform has detected threats missed by other security products.

“We started Blue Hexagon to address the fundamental problem of perimeter threat detection by harnessing the power of deep learning technology. Our results with customers had exceeded our expectations, and now PCSL has independently verified our claims of network threat detection efficacy, low false alerts, and exceptionally fast network threat detection times,” said Nayeem Islam, co-founder and CEO, Blue Hexagon.

Unlike other AI-based threat detection platforms, Blue Hexagon’s HexNet™ architecture uses deep learning, the most advanced subfield of machine learning, to detect known and unknown threats in real-time. Threat inference is delivered in less than a second by inspecting the complete network flow–including files and C2 communications. Blue Hexagon works out of the box, and does not require baselining.

For more information on the tests please download the PCSL Report here.

About Blue Hexagon
Blue Hexagon is a deep learning innovator focused on protecting organizations from cyberthreats. The company’s real-time, deep learning platform is proven to detect known and unknown network threats with speed, efficacy, and coverage that set a new standard for cyber defense. Blue Hexagon is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and backed by Benchmark and Altimeter Capital. For more information, visit or follow @bluehexagonai.