Blue Hexagon announces Remote Worker Security solution with 60 days free subscription

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(Businesswire)–Blue Hexagon, a deep learning innovator of AI You Can Trust(™) to stop cyber adversaries before the infiltration, today announced an enterprise bundle for Remote Worker Security.

“With almost 100% of employees working from home, security teams are under heavy demand to enable a robust remote worker solution. However,  downstream inspection controls like NGFW and Sandboxes cannot keep up with the increased traffic load opening a large attack surface,” said Nayeem Islam, CEO and co-founder of Blue Hexagon. “Now, with our remote worker solution, businesses can, affordably and remotely, deploy our deep learning technology for inspection of all remote worker traffic and emails, in their network or cloud, within minutes.”

Blue Hexagon high-performance solution is available in cloud and virtual form factors for quick deployment and can scale for 100% inspection of the remote worker traffic including native inspection in AWS and Azure as well as a SaaS service for O365 email. Blue Hexagon cloud-based management provides enterprise-wide monitoring and analytics as well as alerting from a single console.

“While work-from-home is the new norm, enterprises need to scale remote working without adding security risk,” said Rich Mason, President of Critical Infrastructure and former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Honeywell. “And, the best place to protect is closest to the source of the attack– e.g. when emails with malware arrive or when users click links to new malicious web sites — to stop the threat as soon as possible and to prevent lateral movement deeper in the network.”

Blue Hexagon solution key features and benefits include the following:

  • BYOD and shared Endpoint: Blue Hexagon can be quickly deployed in IaaS cloud and corporate networks, with cloud (AWS and Azure) and virtual appliance form factors, to fully inspect the traffic from remote worker endpoints.
  • Email: Blue Hexagon O365 email security service or SMTP security can be deployed within minutes. Enterprises can safely scale remote worker access to O365 email service or SMTP servers.
  • Web Access: Blue Hexagon can easily scale to inspect increased traffic for all Remote Worker web access. Now, security teams can choose to limit split tunneling and better protect the remote devices. 
  • Network and IaaS Cloud: Blue Hexagon high-speed and high-performance Deep Learning inspection can scale to inspect 100% of traffic up to 20 Gbps and more. Virtual and cloud form factors are available with auto-scaling.

The Remote Worker Security solution bundle is available immediately and can be deployed remotely without requiring any hardware. The solution package includes a virtual appliance for network or cloud ( AWS or Azure ) and O365 email service. For a limited time, organizations can get 60 days free inspection by contacting Blue Hexagon team at or email

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About Blue Hexagon:

Blue Hexagon is a deep learning innovator of AI You Can Trust(™) to stop cyber adversaries at sub-second speed, before the infiltration. The company’s real-time, deep learning platform delivers world’s highest detection efficacy for zero-day and known threats, and real-time orchestration and blocking controls, to protect enterprise network, cloud, and email. Blue Hexagon Deep Learning models do not require baselining and eliminate learning delays, sandboxes, and rules or signatures. Blue Hexagon is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and backed by Benchmark and Altimeter Capital. For more information, visit and follow us @bluehexagonai