Blue Hexagon Announces AWS S3 Object Lambda Integration

No more Ransomware with instant malware detection and full compliance for cloud storage

Sunnyvale, CA September 1, 2021 (Businesswire) — Blue Hexagon, a leading agentless cloud-native AI Security platform, today announces their latest integration with AWS S3 Object Lambda. With this integration, customers can deploy Blue Hexagon Cloud Security for AWS to protect their cloud environment against ransomware and advanced threats targeting their AWS workloads, network and S3 storage. Powered by Real-Time Deep Learning AI, Blue Hexagon scans files in S3 storage and network in sub-seconds to convict and classify ransomware and malware. With the latest Object Lambda integration, any attempt to access an object in an enabled AWS S3 bucket is gated by the Blue Hexagon Lambda integration that grants access only to a benign object while denying access to any object deemed malicious by the Blue Hexagon Deep Learning AI platform.

AWS S3 is a scalable, managed storage platform for business applications ranging from Pinterest to large healthcare companies like Pacific Dental for storing, processing and archiving data. With work-from-home being more prevalent in the last two years, data privacy and security are of paramount importance for customers of the public cloud and is top of the mind for CISOs and Security Architects. The growing need to both prevent unauthorized access to AWS S3 and to prevent the use of AWS S3 buckets as a vector for malware is becoming critical. Threat actors are increasingly gaining access to legitimate applications by uploading malicious payloads indirectly through the application into AWS S3 or directly through stolen credentials.

“Using an AI-powered advanced threat defense is essential to our infrastructure and operations,” said Nemi George, CISO, Pacific Dental Services. “While Blue Hexagon has already been monitoring our on-premise and cloud traffic for some time, the seamless integration of their AWS S3 Object Lambda cloud security provides the most comprehensive cloud platform coverage and highest threat detection efficacy possible.”

With Blue Hexagon AWS S3 Object Lambda integration, cloud-first and cloud-enabled enterprises can:

  • Stop ransomware and any malware from infiltrating their cloud environment.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to AWS S3 from malicious hosts.
  • Deploy robust user, application and cloud security, by preventing lateral movement of threats.
  • Achieve cloud storage compliance with instant detection and full visibility.

For security leaders, having the ability to better assess compliance, security, privacy and cloud-migration risks is of top priority. To ensure your cloud migration efforts are supported by effective and adaptive cloud security strategies, Blue Hexagon will be working with SC Media and Nemi George, CISO of Pacific Dental Services, for a joint presentation at a two-day virtual event—Secure Cloud Migration: Create a plan for flexibility, scalability and automation – starting Tues., September 14 at 7:45 a.m. PT/10:45 a.m. ET, where industry leaders will share their insights and experiences on cloud migration security strategies.

Attendees will learn how to enforce consistent security and policy compliance with modern AI-powered cloud solutions and ensure that their cloud migration efforts are on the right flight path, supported by an effective and adaptive cloud security strategy. Also, security professionals will earn 6.5 CPE credits by attending the event session.

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Modern cloud threats, such as supply chain attacks, use TTP’s involving malware and command-and-control to infiltrate VPC’s through the network and persist in managed storage, such as AWS S3 to achieve their objectives later. To mitigate these threats, AWS and Blue Hexagon recently announced a new service and native integration that combines breaking new ground in supercharging the ability to block these threats natively and in real-time. Blue Hexagon will be hosting a webinar with Dr. Arun Raman, VP of Cloud, Blue Hexagon, and James Wenzel, Sr. Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services —Security News: Stop Modern Threats and Supply Chain Attacks Natively in Cloud—on Wed., September 8, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. In this live session, DevSecOps and Security pros will learn how to:

  • Deploy cloud service integrations for true multi-vector defense.
  • Secure the cloud against modern threats, without requiring any code changes.
  • Maintain an effective runtime cloud security posture.
  • Reduce DevOps overhead and accelerate time to deploy.

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Blue Hexagon Agentless AI Security provides the most accurate threat detection from the network vantage point and supersedes legacy signature-based network controls and sandbox technologies. Blue Hexagon dynamically detects novel threats that may be trying to infiltrate and spread in the cloud environment and creates and updates IP/domain block-rules within AWS Network Firewall in real-time to drop connections and stop threats in their tracks. Real-Time Threat Defense is designed for all workloads including against zero-day threats, without impacting performance and privacy. Continuous Compliance allows mid to large cloud-enabled organizations to maintain and meet compliance requirements for multi-vector, multi-cloud and multi-platform deployments. Deploy in minutes and manage integration using CloudFormation templates and apply the advanced protection firewall policy uniformly across VPCs, regions, and accounts.

Blue Hexagon has been recognized in Forbes AI 50 for Next Gen NDR innovation, included in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection and Response, named to CNBC’s Upstart 100 list of “World’s Most Promising Startups”, was tested by Miercom as the most effective of four leading security products against the most lethal zero-day malware, ransomware, worms, botnets and evasive malicious threats and was named to the 2021 CB Insights AI-100 list of “Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups” and most recently was named to CRN’s “10 Hottest AI Security Companies You Need to Know”.

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