Moving Beyond The Sandbox For Better SOAR

Even as organizations have turned to security orchestration tools (SOAR) to accelerate responses, the ability for attackers to evade sandboxes and the inherent slow detection times has allowed attackers to do damage before security teams can respond.

To ensure better cybersecurity protection, organizations need to not only detect threats fast, but also provide accelerated response before damage is done. Deep-learning based malware detection delivers detection in subseconds. When integrated with other security products in the organization, including SOAR, the speed and accuracy enable a coordinated enterprise-wide response.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Overview of a cybersecurity detect and response strategy
  • Limitations of malware sandboxing today 
  • How deep learning-based malware detection can render decisions in milliseconds
  • Integration with SOAR and other security products for a  highly automated, orchestrated response

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