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7 Day Online Trial: Experience Deep Learning for Network Security

Faster Threat Detection: We deliver threat inference in less than a second against known and unknown threats, even 0-days.

Better Performance: Our deep learning models are highly accurate, with greater than 99.5% detection efficacy and fractions of a percent for false positives. Use fresh threat samples from our repository or use your own malware to test.

Complete Explainability: Threat verdict includes information for security analysts including threat family and indicators of compromise.

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“Without Blue Hexagon, there could have been a lot more damage going on in the network, things that would have affected our ability to provide that safety to our clients."

John Petersen, CIO of Heffernan Insurance

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Works out of the Box: No fine tuning or local learning or baselining required. You can deploy our deep learning platform and start seeing results on day one.

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