Demo with Blue Hexagon

In 30 minutes or less, deep dive into features of our malware protection platform with our product experts. 

In this demo, you’ll experience first hand how we’ve architected our deep learning models to deliver speed and efficacy.  You’ll see how our deep learning models can detect known and unknown malware in less than a second.

  • Faster Threat Detection: We deliver threat inference in less than a second against known and unknown threats, even 0-days.  
  • Better Performance: Our deep learning models are highly accurate, with greater than 99.5% detection efficacy and fractions of a percent for false positives. Use fresh threat samples from our repository or use your own malware to test.
  • Complete Explainability: Threat verdict includes information for security analysts including threat family and indicators of compromise.
  • Works out of the Box: No fine tuning or local learning or baselining required. You can deploy our deep learning platform and start seeing results on day one.

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