Demo Cloud Detection and Response

Defend with Deep Learning

In 30 minutes or less, deep dive into features and benefits of our Continuous Cloud Detection and Response platform with our securrity experts.

In this live demo, you’ll experience firsthand how we’ve architected our solution for hardening and detection. Here’s what our experts will go over based on your interest and current cloud adoption:

  • Cloud Visibility into asset inventory, users, entities, resources, network and controls
  • Cloud Misconfiguration detection and highlighting critical attack surface exposure
  • Cloud Compliance to keep your cloud workloads continuously compliant
  • Workload Threat Detection beyond hash checks and heuristics to find attacks before they manifest
  • Network Threat Detection  with an agentless approach to detect actual attacks and threats
  • Storage Threat Detection to catch malicious actors ransoming your data or moving malicious code laterally
  • Cloud Integrations to automate cloud-native responses to stop threats and prevent damage

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