Nayeem Islam, CEO & CoFounder


“Our mission is to continue to develop the technologies needed to level the playing field against the bad guys.”

– Nayeem Islam, CEO & CoFounder

The Evolution of Deep Learning

Cyber AI You Can Trust

Much of the progress we’ve seen in artificial intelligence in the past five years is due to deep learning. Advances in software algorithm models, processing power and dramatically lower costs have put deep learning within reach of more companies, opening the door for broader innovation in applications. We believe deep learning will transform cybersecurity.


Tin Kam Ho publishes a paper describing random decision forests


Along with David Rumelhart and Ronald Williams, Geoffrey Hinton publishes a paper entitled “Learning representations by back-propagating errors”. In this paper they show that neural nets with many hidden layers can be effectively trained by a relatively simple procedure.


Deep Blue – designed by IBM – beats chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in a six-game series. Our CEO Nayeem Islam participates as part of the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer team.


The Google Brain team, led by Andrew Ng and Jeff Dean, create a neural network that learns to recognize cats by watching unlabeled images taken from frames of YouTube videos


Google’s AlphaGo program becomes the first Computer Go program to beat an unhandicapped professional human player using a combination of machine learning and tree search techniques.


Blue Hexagon launches  network threat protection harnessing deep learning, delivering threat detection in less than a second, at 10G wire speed.

Deep learning is transforming our daily lives, and has the potential to make an impact on cybersecurity

” It’s very, very rare to see a step function better technology. As soon as the Blue Hexagon team talked me through their idea and showed me what they had, I knew that this was a step function better and would actually completely change how we think about malware detection today.” – Eric Vishria, General Partner, Benchmark.

Meet our Team

We are a deeply driven team of deep learning and cybersecurity experts. Our founders were responsible for Qualcomm’s machine learning-based security products and are listed on over 500 patents. Our team includes some of the best minds in cybersecurity, deep learning and software optimization.

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We are proud to be backed by top venture capitalists with a track record
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