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Agentless Runtime Cloud Security

Powered by Deep Learning

Are you a Cloud-first organization or moving to the public cloud?

Legacy threat defense, visibility, and compliance solutions are too slow to keep pace with the speed of the cloud. The Blue Hexagon Agentless Cloud-Native AI Security solution delivers Actionable Visibility, Real-time Threat Defense, and Continuous Compliance. 

Our integration with AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring, Transit Gateway, S3 Storage, and Security Hub enables you to get full multi-vector defense — no re-architecture needed.

You get a high-performance solution that is seamless to deploy. It’s completely agentless and takes only minutes to deploy!

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You will experience the power of our Agentless Cloud-Native AI Security across these major benefits:

  • Agentless – works out of the box; seamlessly deploys in minutes with no re-config/re-arch, platform-agnostic and consistent for all workloads
  • Multi-vector analysis for Cloud Compute, Storage, and Network defense and visibility
  • Runtime defense against breach, abuse, lateral movement, C2, exfiltration, and zero-day malware attacks
  • Advanced Deep Learning AI – for fastest and most accurate detection, <1 sec and >99%, including 0-day threats
  • Real-time AI-Explainability – verdicts mapped to MITRE Att&ck framework
  • Response Orchestration – for real-time response and remediation with cloud and other security control integrations

Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report with our expert analysis and recommendations. We look forward to working with you soon!

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*Free Trial Terms & Conditions
By participating in this Blue Hexagon free trial (“Trial”) of our Agentless Cloud-Native AI Security platform powered by deep learning, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use and the following terms (“Trial Terms”), provided that in the event of a conflict the Trial Terms shall govern. At the end of the trial period, you will receive a detailed report of the security findings with our expert analysis and recommendations. After the trial, you will no longer have access to the Blue Hexagon dashboard and any data. This trial is reserved for Blue Hexagon customers, partners, and qualified security prospects, and requests that do not meet these criteria will be rejected. Blue Hexagon reserves the right to terminate the Trial at any time by giving written notice to you.

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