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Agentless Cloud Security for AWS

Powered by Real Time Deep Learning

Need actionable visibility, real-time threat defense and continuous compliance?
Get the power of Agentless Cloud-Native AI Security

Deep learning is a powerful new technology to detect threats in the cloud. In fact, by applying deep learning to the complete inspection of headers and payloads, Blue Hexagon can intelligently identify cloud misconfigurations and defend cloud assets, at runtime, without the burden of deploying and managing agents. And, enable response in quasi-real-time. There are a variety of visibility, compliance and threat defense use cases and numerous customer challenges in the cloud that Blue Hexagon Agentless Cloud Security can uniquely address.

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Use Cases:
Address your cloud security challenges

Blue Hexagon Cloud-Native solution enables Actionable Visibility, Real-time Threat Defense, and Continuous Compliance for multi-vector, multi-cloud, multi-platform deployments for mid to large cloud-enabled organizations.


Get runtime visibility across multi-vector and multi-platform deployment – ALL cloud assets, activities and traffic

Threat Defense

Threat defense for my workloads including against 0-day threats, without impacting performance and privacy


Meet and maintain compliance requirements, both before and after deployment

Case Studies:
Stay secure in the public cloud

We help organizations
across multiple industries protect their AWS cloud
and stay compliant with their regulations.



We help eCommerce companies secure their cloud-native environment, thwart zero-day threats and prevent any operational downtime


Pacific Dental Services

We help healthcare companies get runtime monitoring of all cloud workloads and single dashboard visibility without any performance impact


Prime Communications

Retail is a top-attacked sector. We helped the largest AT&T Retailer get enterprise-wide visibility and threat defense across cloud, SaaS and on-prem.

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