Put some brain power in your security.

Beat the adversary with industry’s fastest and most accurate threat detection, powered by deep learning.

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We must be faster and more agile than the adversary

Attackers are weaponizing AI to accelerate the distribution and creation of threats. According to research by AV-Test, more than 121.6 million new malware samples were discovered in 2017. That’s 333,000 new samples each day, 230 new samples each minute, and nearly 4 every second.

Existing defenses like signatures and sandboxes simply can’t keep up.

The only real-time deep learning platform
for advanced threat protection

Powered by a patented architecture of deep learning neural networks, our Blue Hexagon platform delivers threat detection in less than a second, at greater than 99.5% efficacy.

Detect fast

We’re the fastest threat detection in the industry — detection occurs in less than a second with complete threat categorization and kill-chain context. This means we stop threats pre-compromise and before execution.

Protect more

Proven in enterprise environments and rigorous lab validation, our solution works in your network and cloud, for known and unknown threats, across multiple platforms (windows, Linux, Android).

Impact less

Our solution works out of the box — no on-premises tuning or baselining is required. Very low false positives and deep learning models that do not require daily updates bring operational efficiencies.

“During our proof of value, Blue Hexagon actually alerted us about an attack in progress. One of our servers had been infected with the Emotet virus, a polymorphic threat that is extremely malicious.”

John Petersen


Heffernan Insurance Brokers

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