Remote Worker Security Update: Prevent catastrophic breaches, at millisecond speed!

Protect your network and the cloud against zero-day malware and threats as most of your employees, and security staff, have to work remotely during this difficult time. Find out how the world’s fastest and most accurate deep learning powered cybersecurity can be deployed within minutes.

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World’s fastest and most accurate detection of malware and its manifestations

Power of Deep Learning



The only real-time deep learning platform
for advanced network threat protection

Powered by a patented architecture of deep learning neural networks, our Blue Hexagon platform delivers threat detection in less than a second, at near 100% efficacy.

Detect fast

We’re the fastest threat detection in the industry — detection occurs in less than a second with complete threat categorization and kill-chain context. This means we stop threats pre-compromise and before execution.

Protect more

Proven in enterprise environments, our solution works in your network and cloud, for known and unknown threats, across multiple platforms (windows, Linux, Android). We inspect both payloads and headers.

Impact less

Our solution works out of the box — no on-premises tuning or baselining is required. We bring operational efficiencies because of low false positives and deep learning models that do not require daily updates.

Protect your network and cloud




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“One of the first things we noticed with Blue Hexagon was the speed with which we’re able to detect threats. There were a number of security incidents we had last year, most of which were missed by some of the tools we already had. Blue Hexagon was able to detect those as they came through.”

Nemi George


Pacific Dental Services

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