We just launched Industry’s FIRST Real-Time Deep Learning Platform

Blue Hexagon not only uses deep learning, the most advanced subfield of machine learning, to detect network threats… but we do it in real-time. 

NEW malware samples created per day.

Based IPs

Signature creation cannot keep up with malware variants


Sandboxes have delays, can be evaded and have file-size limitations

The Solution

Identifies malware within subseconds, even zero days seen for the first time.

No sandboxes. 
No signatures.
 No anomaly detection.
automated through
 deep learning.
 No baselining or tuning required.
Automate prevention on endpoint or network devices (firewall, web proxies, routers).

True Zero Day Attack Prevention

Combining HexNet™, our proprietary set of deep learning neural nets, with our pre-trained AI threat models, our real-time deep learning platform can detect known and unknown network threats in milliseconds. Unlike IPS and sandboxes with detection shortcomings and delays, Blue Hexagon delivers efficacy at wire speed without requiring any human triage.

User receives an email with a link to a Word document.

User downloads Word document with Macros. Macros contains code to launch a Powershell command.

The Powershell command fetches the Emotet malware, which gets installed on the user's endpoint.

Emotet reaches out to its command and control, uploads user information and retrieves further instructions from the attacker.

Emotet downloads additional malware, and spreads laterally.

Case Study: Detection of Emotet Zero-Day Malware

Emotet, like other polymorphic malware, is purpose-built to evade existing signature and
sandboxing technologies. Despite that, Blue Hexagon’s deep learning was able to detect
Emotet in subseconds by performing deep learning inspection on every phase of the kill chain below. Our customer chose Blue Hexagon because of our ability to deliver high efficacy verdicts — all without the need for baselining or tuning.

With Blue Hexagon